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The first by this name mentioned in our familytree was Adrianus Roelant (Rolandi) Roelen (Bertrams) 1595 - 1661. He was a son to Roeland Bertams.


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Adrianus is a Latin form of the name Adrian. It is popular in the Low countries, where Latinized christian names or baptismal name were common from the 15th century until recently, especially after the papacy in 1522–23 of homegrown Adrianus VI, [1] who had been baptized "Adrianus" in 1459, as this event fell on the name day of Saint Adrian.[2] People with the given name Adrianus generally use a short form in daily life, like Aad, Ad, Adri, Adriaan, Adrian, Adrie, Ard, Ariaan, Arian, Arie, Ariën, Aris, Arjan, Arjen, or Janus.

Adrianus may refer to:




Before 1500

Academics, science and technology

Arts and letters

Law, politics and religion