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boshoven29016Gust was born 24 juni 1931 in Alphen, part of the municipality Alphen & Riel at that time. He was the 4th son of Matheus Cornelius Roelands and Adriana Maria Meeusen. He grew up at boshoven 29, but most of his days the house was numberred A 297.   On the photo is a view in the ealy 1900's.  The barn was quite new. On this site is an article (in Dutch) on the farm an its history view  Boerderijgeschiedenis for details.              

 Before going to Canada he attended a special course for catholic emigrants, some of his books are still in a trunk at our attic.

GusAdriBoshovenGusAdriHuwHe got married  20 march 1956 to Adriana Theresia De Graaf, born in Wagenberg. The couple met ant the 25th wedding aniversary of Adrie's aunt and Gus' uncle (Anna de Graaf and Adrianus Simon Roelands) Before their marriage Gus was already exploring in Canada, finding a place to get started a life with his future-wife.They emigrated to Ontario, Canada, only one month later. Traveling by boat (formerly a troopship in WW2), they arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The first place was mount Brydges.Guscanada Strathroy was the next stop. Soon the Canadian Roelands family expanded.  They settled down in Parkhill, in the province Ontario.



After a fullfilled life, leaving a gratefull family Gus died in 2005 on the 24th of november.GusR goodbye His wife, my aunt Adri was left behind, supported by their children and grandchildren. Her health was deteriorating due to her age. She parted this life on september 30th in 2017 at the blessed age of 86.