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IMG 20160105 191454This article is bilingual. Dit stukje is tweetalig... The Famous door at Boshoven, the elderly home of the Roelands family... More photo's are welcome, please visit Hugo and Nicole to make your own photo at the famous door..

De beroemde deur waar velen voor moesten poseren als ze langskwamen... Meer foto's zijn welkom,, ook van de Nederlanse Roelandsen...

deurverbouw Nicole2001Bij de verbouwing werd een schouw, die aansloot op de "goei kamer", afgebroken, de oude deur naar de zolder boven de stal bleef gelukkig behouden.deur VERBOUW

While renovating the house an old chimney was removed, wich was attached to the best room in the old house. Bdeur Gusefore the walls became colored uncle Gus from Canada payed a visit to his elderly home. The old lock used to be where he holds his right hand on the door. On the other side there was a storage of hay to feed the cows in the sable below in his days on Boshoven. After his picture we seem to miss a generation... Ome Gust kwam langs voor de muren werden behandeld met een nieuwe kleur... De witte kleur op de deur is nog wel origineel...

deur MarkVandenOuwelandMark Vandenouweland was here in 2015...




deurBridgette Marijn.Bridgette and Marijn too came to take a photo. deurJanet Daniel

Janet and Daniel on photo in december 2015Deur Adrian Mia.

Adrian and Mia posing the same year (2015).













 IMG 20160105 191709Interstruif (Mathieu Roelands) also posed in 2015, beeing back on the attic where he slept during many nights In  the yeats 1962-1994...


 2018KendraJeffIn 2018 new visitors fom Canada came along..

2018Kendra group



In our familytree are a lot of men with this name. The following life-discription is on the great-grandfather of Interstuif.

Adrianus Roelands was born the 11th of februari 1863,  at 5 a.m. The place of birth was 't Hout in Princenhage near the river Aa of Weerijs,  today this is a part of the city of Breda. Adrianus was born in the house with nr.84, according to the birth reccord.

kadaster prHage1824't Hout
't Hout lis the neighbourhood around  Houtakkerstraat and Dr. Batenburglaan, in the south-western part of  Breda. Northeern border of 't Hout is Graaf Engelbertlan, on the westrn side ther is nowadays the motorway A16 and the N263 (Rijsbergseweg), in south-eastern direction   we can find the river Aa of Weerijs (with the Houtbrug towards
Mastbos). In 1840 't Hout had 11 houses, with 116 inhabitants. Today (2014) ca. 60 houses, 150 inhabitants.

Adrianus was As far as ifoud out the sole son to Matheus Roelands (1833-1907) and Adriana Damen (1835-1903). According to his birthreccord his father an mother were farm-aids. Adrianus was named after his grandfather AdriaanRoelands (1797-1868)

At the age of 27 jarige Adrianus married Anna Maria Kooijen, 29 years old, in the municipality of Princenhage. Date of the marriage was 7 mei 1890. The grooms profession is "bouwman" (farmer), the brides profession is "dienstbode" (maid, domestic aid). The marriage wase officialy announced  on sundays 20th and 27th of april 1890. Father of the bride was no longer alive. Adrianus Roelands Mie KooijenThe photo of the couple was taken much later, possibly at the marriage of one of their cildren.

It is nt sure that tey were aware of the fact they were related. I found a common forefather about 6 generations earlier: Adrianus Roelen (Bertrams) 1595-1661. You might notice that the familyname  Roelands was not consistent all the way in history. It depended on those who had the tastk to write it down in the (church-)registers. I have found families in wich the cildren have up to 3 different familynames...

Out of the marriage 6 children were born. Adriana, Petrus Matheus, Matheus Cornelis (Interstruifs grandfather) Johanna Maria, Adrianus Simon and Johanna Wilhelmina. Matheus Cornelis is subject to a life-description too. At the birth of Adriana the family is living in number 113 in 't Hout. As of the birth of Johanna Maria there is not an adress in the records anymore. Adrianus signed the birthreccords  with "A Roelanst",  as he did in his own marriagereccord. Writing was probably not a daily affair for him.

Raakeind GilzeOn november 9th 1914 the family moved to Gilze. Someof Adrianus' and Anna Maria's children lived only a short while in Gilze. Adriana left home in 1917 moving back to Princenhage at het marriage. The first adres in the reccords show  the family is living at number A 24 (Raakeind, now Hoogstraat 7).

Adrianus died in Gilze in 1927 at the adres  C  68 (schoolstraat, Molenschot) on   juni 17th at 10.30 a.m. according to the reccords. His death was declared by some neighbours:  Adrianus Woutherus van Gestel (52 years old, farmer) and Adrianus Hermans (42 years, farmer). Adrianus' widdow moved in later with one of their children in the municipality of  Ginneken en Bavel, she died in Gilze januari 11th 1940, staying there. There are in fact two reccords of het death, as the orriginal reccord was lawfully coppied in het official residence.


You have landed on Interstruif's website. If you want acces as a registrered member to this site, just send me a message (use contact form).

This website is bilingual Dutch-English. For each language there is a dedicated set of menu-tems. The choice of hte language is made tru the language-settings of the users' operating system or by choosing the flag on top at the  left side. When you choose another language you will get a different menu, but you might experience difficulties in reading in case the chosen language is not your native tongue...

Mathieu RoelandsBInterstruif is a nickname of course. The nickname has a history in celebratihng carnival and emigration. It is an abreviation of "internationale struif". It is an alias of Mathieu Roelands. He was born in Alphen,  North-Brabant, Netherlands in 1962. These days he is living together with his wife Ann in 's Gravenwezel, Antwerp, Belgium. His job is mainly being an emergency-nurse in a general hospital in Wilrijk, Antwerp-city in the province Antwerp, Belgium. He also spends many hours working for the trade-union, for wich he is a representative in his working place.

Building and maintaining websites is also a bit of a hobby. An other hobby is genealogy, reconstructing the family history and finding reletives to our family Roelands-Boeren (both fatherside and motherside).  This website is a combination of both...

The name Matheus (Matthew in English), is frequent in our family. The nme occurs in different forms and even in different languges. There are many Matheus-es, somtimes without the "h", sometimes with 2 "'t's". Some have the name Mathew as their usual name, but there is also Theo and even Marc. Interstruif has the French form "Mathieu" as his usual name, cousin Mathieu Verheijen has the same usual name. During the last century, especially in the last 50 years many persons bcame baptized with the name Matheus, while another usual name was used in daily life. Some in our family have Matheus or Matthew as a second surname, to show the continuity (and as a unintentded help to genealogical investigators like Interstruif).

The surname Matheus was introduced in the Roelands' family tru the female-side in 1694 at the birth of Matheus Roelen (Bertrams), unfortunately he died as a child. A few years later the name was given to another son in the year 1697.  Is was usual to "reuse" the surnamese when a child bearring the name died previously. . Matheus Adrianus Roelen (Roelands) was named after his grandfather on his mothers' side, Who got his surname the same way after his grandfather on his mothers' side. It was a kind of traditiomn to name the first son to his grandfather on the fathers side an the second son to the grandfather on the mothers's side. A most usefull habbit for genealogists...


The name Matthew on Wikipedia...

Matthew (/ˈmæθjuː/; MATH-ew) is a given name that ultimately comes from the Hebrew name Matityahu. Saint Matthew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus in Christian Theology.[4][5][6][7]

The Hebrew name "מַתִּתְיָהוּ" (Matityahu) was transliterated into Greek to "Ματταθίας" (Mattathias),[8] which was shortened to "Ματθαῖος" – (Matthaios). Deceptively, it is therefore unrelated to θεῖος (theios) meaning divine (adjective, e.g. theology) or sulfur (Koine noun, e.g. thiol group).[9] The Greek Ματθαῖος was Latinised as Matthaeus, which became Matthew in English. It is commonly shortened to Matt.

An alternative Greek transliteration, "Ματθίας" (Matthias),[10] led to the closely related English name Matthias.

The name is also sometimes used as an anglicisation of the Irish name Mathúin, meaning bear.[11][12]

The name Matthew became popular during the Middle Ages in North-West Europe, and appears in many European languages. The name has been very common throughout the English-speaking world since the 1970s.[3] Matthew has been one of the 1,000 most popular male names in Australia, Canada and United States. Currently, it is the 15th most popular name in Ireland.[13][14] In the United Kingdom, it was among the 10 most popular male names through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and was ninth as recently as 2001.[15]