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In this article I try to follow back the familytree to the roots... So Istart with myself: Interstruif, a nickname of Matheus Victor Mria Roelands, see also the introduction on the homepage...

Pa2014 Inerstruif's father was Joseph Petrus Maria Roelands, by most people called "Sjef" (photo). He was born on may 20th 1928 n Alphen (Alphen & Riel) as 3th son to Matheus Cornelis Roelands, called "Theo" and Adriana Maria Meeuwsen.  The Meeusen family is in a seperate article (dutch).Interstruif's father died end september 2014. He was married to Anna Catharina Boeren, she was born oktober 2nd 1932 in Ulicoten, part of Baarle-Nassau.  The family-photo of the Roelands-Meeusen family was taken on the ocasion of the 25th wedding aniversary of Matheus and Adriana Roelands-MeeusenRoelandsMeeusen25huw


Interstruif's grandfather, (whoom he was named after) familie Grootvader RoelandsMatheus Cornelis Roelands (1895-1965) was a son to  Adrianus Roelands (1863-1927). He was born in Princenhage, wich is nowadays part of Breda. The familyphoto shows Adrianus Roelands with his wife and children. Matheus  Cornelis is in the middle of the back-row. The other persons are: left to Matheus, Petrus (Who was married to Anna de Kok), right to Matheus, Jan Roelands (married to Anna de Graaf, family to aunt Adrie) in the front row at the left aunt "Naan" Adriana (married to Adrianus "Janus" van Rijckevorsel), Adrianus Roelands, Anna Marie "Mie" Kooijen, aunt Johanna "Jans" Wilhelmina (married to Baptist "Tiest" Broeders)


Adrianus' father was Matheus Roelands (1833-1907). On this  Adrianus Roelands is an article on this website (dutch)…. There are more details to be found on this person. Adrianus was trditionally named after his grandfather.


Matheus Roelands was also born in Princnhage. His place of birth ws the neighbouhood called "Bagben", see the article on him. He married in 1862 Adriana Damen who was also born in Princenhage. Matheus' father was Adrianus Roelands, born in 1797 in Rijsbergen, south of Breda.


Before Napoleon's reign in the Netherlands there were very few civil registers on the population. Almost everyone was baptized on the day of birth or the day after. The children were all registred in the churches this way. Somtimes the baptism was urgently administerd by the midwife, the baptism was repeated by a priest "sub conditione" if the child survived. This is ment to be a repair in case the midwife administered the baptism wrongfully. Somtimes catholic chuches were taken by protestants for their own use and catholic rituals forbidden in public. In that period catholics  went to a neighbouring parish to get their children baptized or to get married. The religious marriage was more important then the civil mariage.

Adrianus Roelands (Adriaan) (1797-1868)  was married to Mechelina Hopstaken, born in 1804 in Princenhage. Adrianus was a son to Matheus Adrianus Roelands (1768-1845) and Henrica Embertus van den Broek. They married april 30th 1797, Henrica had to be pregnant at that time. Henrica was baptized in Rijsbergen on april 3th 1775.


Matheus Adrianus Roelands was born in Zundert and baptized march 29th 1768. Hij was son to Adrianus Matheus Roelands (also known bij the name “Roelens”). Adrianus Matheus was married to Adriana Mathijssen on maart 15th 1761 in Zundert. Adriana, daughter to Petrus Mathijssen (son of Cornelis) was babtized december 24th 1733 in Zundert.



Adrianus Matheus Roelands, father to Matheus Adrianus, was born in Meer and baptized januari 11th 1729. With this fact we have arrived at the village the familyname  was used the first time. As we can see by his second name  Adrianus Matheus was a son of Matheus Adrianus Roelens (Roelan(d)s, baptized himself in Meer on november 6th 1697. Matheus Adrianus was married to Anna Courtiens op 6 mei 1727.


Matheus Adrianus Roelens was a son of Adrianus Cornelius Roelens (also mentioned by the familyname "Bertrams"). He was nearly the first “Matheus” in our dynastiy, prior to him there was a brother by the name Matheus who died as a child in 1694. The name Matheus came fron the grandfather at the mothers-side of the family. His father Adrianus Cornelius Roelens, (Bertrams) was born in Meer and baptized july 24th 1661.

 Adrianus Cornelius Roelens was married to Anna Conninckx, daughter of Matheus Conninckx (also called Zeley). Anna was baptized july 24th 1668 in Meer.

On the name Matheus: father of Anna Conninckx was Matheus Coninckx (21-2-1621 – 24-2-1688), he was married to Anna (Adrianus Petrus) Grootens, in the church-registry was noted “van Eekeren”, possibly meaning the village Ekeren (now part of the city of Antwerp). Matheus Coninckx was son of Franciscus Marcellus Coninckx (1585 – 15-5-1655), who was married to  Anna “Mathei” (latjn for "decending from  Matheus”). In that family the name Matheus came form the mothers-side as well. The name Matheus was not mentioned before in the Conninckx-family...  Anna, daughter of a man called Matheus, with an unknown familyname died in 1667 in Meer on the 20th of may. Backh to the familytree of the Roelands family....


Adrianus Cornelius Roelens, (Bertrams) was baptized on the 24th juli 1661 in Meer and died in 1707 on augustus 21th, accoding to the burrial registry of the Roman-catholic parish  Meer. He was son of Cornelius Adrianus Roelens, baptized on the 25th of february 1632 in Meer. He died in 1693. Cornelius Adrianus was married to Maria Cornelis Hermans, who was baptized september 4th 1630 and died november 15th 1706.


Cornelius Adrianus Roelens, somtimes also called Bertrams was a son of  Adrianus Rolandi Roelen(s). He was born in 1595, the exact date is not clear.  Adrianus died mei 21th 1661. Adrianus was married to Alyda (Aleydis) van Aerden. Alyda was a daughter to Gerardus van Aerden and was born in the early 1600's  in Minderhout (now beloning to the city Hoogstraten in Belgium).


Adrianus Roelens was a son of Roeland Bertrams. This seems the point of a changing family-name. Roeland Bertrams was married to a Johanna, familyname unknown.